Fr. Patrick Dare

Fr. Patrick was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  He loves St. Louis and would love to see a revival of Apostolic Christianity in the city.  He attended Westminster Christian Academy for High School, before going to Covenant College in Chattanooga Tennessee and graduating with a bachelors degree. It was in college that Fr. Patrick was dramatically transformed by the grace of God, and called to the service of Jesus Christ. Several roommates led him to Jesus and taught him to how to love.  He then began work in various Presbyterian Churches around the country as a youth minister before returning to Covenant Theological Seminary back in St. Louis.  He graduated from Covenant Seminary with two Masters degrees in Divinity and Counseling.  He served as an assistant Pastor at Greentree Community Church, working with young adults and doing counseling.  He then served as lead Pastor for a couple non -denominational churches planted in the city of St. Louis.  Fr. Patrick has, since his conversion, been searching for the church of Acts, and he realized over ten years ago that this church still exists.  He began reading and studying about the ancient Eastern Orthodox Church.  Through the faithful witness of many Orthodox people in St. Louis, and Fr. Peter Gillquist, he came to believe that this two thousand year old church was the "pearl of great price".  Soon after, he left the Protestant church and began the process of entering the Antiochian Orthodox Church.  Fr. Patrick started Christ the Good Shepherd Mission and has been ministering in the city ever since being ordained in the Orthodox Church in 2012.  Christ the Good Shepherd church moved to its present location (3615 McCausland Ave.) several years ago.  Fr. Patrick is passionate about the church and helping others find the healing pathway that Jesus taught the Apostles two thousand years ago.  He believes that the Apostolic church is supposed to be a hospital and that Jesus desires to be the Physician of our souls.  These principles form the core values of Christ the Good Shepherd (see Mission).  He has been married to his wonderful wife Larilee for over thirty years.  He has been blessed with three wonderful adult children and an old dog.  Fr. Patrick is also the director of F.O.C.U.S. Gateway City, a ministry to the homeless and hurting in south St. Louis.