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“Christ the Good Shepherd church exists to heal souls and become servant healers.”


Our mission is accomplished by a simple 3 step process we all engage in regularly:

Worship Christ  >  Walk with Christ   >  Work with Christ.


Matthew the Poor said “The greatest commandment by which we may experience the providence of God, and by obedience to which we may obtain spiritual power which unveils to us the mysteries and secrets of the Bible and lights the way ahead, is that we should leave everything and follow Christ.  For this commandment sums up the whole Gospel.”


We seek radical followers of Jesus, with the courage and faith to leave everything, take up their cross and follow Jesus.  In the earliest times of church history, followers of Christ gave their life for their faith.  Today, we seek this same heart of self martyrdom to guide us.  Orthodoxy is a serious faith and the world we live in needs committed disciples, not lukewarm dead religions.


The three step ministry process:  (How we fulfill our mission as a Church)


1. Worship Christ:  Worship


Worship is a healing encounter with God.  Liturgy, sacraments, fellowship, prayer, repentance, etc.,, all place us in the healing pathway of God’s grace.  We must investigate God’s claims and commit to change.  The Church is a hospital where healing occurs. Worship is often the first step into a deeper walk with Christ.


2. Walk with Christ:  Small groups


Home Groups provide a community where the genuine experience of God's love can take place.  The goal of all home groups is to nurture one another to grow together in union with Christ in order that we may grow as disciples of Jesus.  We encourage each other to put on the virtues and put off the passions (sins).  Small groups are where followers develop the mind of the Church and begin having a heart for serving others.


3. Work with Christ:  Servant Ministry


Ministry Teams: Home Groups naturally challenge people to meet and form relationships where people can be encouraged to greater levels of ministry within the church.  Ministry teams will naturally form out of the home group system.

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